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Building Your Dream Home. Where Do You Start?

Building Your Dream Home. Where Do You Start?

Have you been looking for a new home but just haven’t found that right one, the one that ticks ALL the boxes? Then it hits you, that ‘right’ one simply doesn’t exist…yet.

Most people who look for something more from a home, tend to try to find one currently on the market that better suits their lifestyle, however, for those who have a particular image in mind of what their dream home should be, will likely need to consider building that perfect home.

Building a house is exciting, maybe even more so than purchasing an existing home, you get to see it all unfold.

The first step of building a house will generally start with you. Before you even speak to a potential builder, you should take serious stock of understanding your needs and wants and how your new home is going to reflect you. This is your chance to unleash your inner architect and interior designer, creating a space that is uniquely yours.

So, to guide you through how to go about starting your journey to building your new home, here are some useful (and exciting) things to think about.

Your Inspiration

There is nothing quite like searching for new home inspiration. Piecing together what you envisage your perfect home to look like, but with the boundless options available, it can get very overwhelming. (This is also why you shouldn’t approach any builders until you’re confident about what you want and need). A simple and sure-fire way to collate your thoughts is to create a vision board (this can be done digitally or a more tangible physical board). Creating a vision board can help to de-clutter your mind and streamline your thought process.

A good place to start would be to browse different house styles and place all those that you like, on the board. You can then slowly compare your options and start to eliminate designs, eventually, you will have narrowed down your preferred style of home.

Reputable home builders like Valcon Homes will have a selection of house design options available to fit your lifestyle and your budget.



There are many things to consider when building a home, things that will have an impact on your home. Doing your research before even starting the build talks is imperative. It’s a good place to start knowing a general area that you would like to live in, location, in turn, will have a flow on effect to the budget which then will impact the home design.

Having a realistic outlook on location and budget will already prevent headache (and heartache) before any talks are had with builders and contractors.

Research on approximate build & land costs with respect to your inspirational ‘wants’ is quite possibly the most important aspect to consider when building a home.

To work out the costs of a house build, you’ll normally need to;

  • consider the price of the land you’ll need to buy,
  • choose which building style and materials to go with and get quotes from the professionals you intend to hire.

In all fairness completing these tasks to the nth degree can be a time-consuming process. Though you’ll be happy to know that a key advantage in speaking with a reputable builder at the start of this journey is having the option of clever and budget-friendly house and land packages and turn-key home designs for your existing land.

These days house and land packages are far from a cookie cutter model. Experienced builders like Valcon Homes, develop homes with you the homeowner and your individuality in mind. Elements such as the design, colour palettes and materials can be selected and discussed allowing your preferences to shine through.

You can browse our range of house and land packages here.

Start with working out your budget, and plan (using your inspiration as a guide) for what you can afford, and you’re off to a stellar home building experience.

Be sure to work with a building team you trust and would be happy to work with for the duration of your build. Once you’ve decided to go ahead with building your dream home, you’ll want it to be everything you’d hoped for, so choose a team that can help your dream become a reality.



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